Duran Arquitectes is equipped with a department that works as a construction general technician at technicians, users and residents’ associations’ service. From this area, our team not only takes care of works and construction processes, but also of the technical inspections required to evaluate and certificate the buildings already built.

The services studied by this office include issuing reports, judgments and certificates (habitation, energy, pathologies, fitness, etc.), as well as assessments and specialists’ reports using the latest technology tools.

The technical inspections of buildings (ITE in Catalan) are the evaluations required to periodically pass the buildings already built, and at Duran Arquitectes, we face this urban development need as a project in its whole, including counseling, guidance in requesting aids for rehabilitation, fulfilling the accessibility regulation and all the enforceable construction and environment standards.

A technical support developed in building and urban development processes is founded on quality assurance and material execution, ensuring the safety and health at work sites and the economic tracking of execution costs. All these services are provided both to Duran Arquitectes team and other designers and engineers teams.

A strict program of control and tracking from the projection of the first architectural operation to the end of the work is one of our distinctive features, since all our projects go through an accurate facultative tracking which allows us to encompass all the technical needs of the construction process.