At Duran Arquitectes, we understand architecture as a trade. A trade at people’s service, devoted to arrange the space and to build volumes. A really humanist view of this discipline, which is both art and science at the same time.

Being artisans of our trade, we have learnt the techniques and we have fed from the experience of our predecessors. One of the best. This is how our studio is. A two-generation office which gathers the prestige and the experience of Cesc Duran, at the first stage, regarding growth and consolidation. And now, by the hand of Pau Duran, his son, and the partners Jordi Comas and Marc Barjola.

We are a young studio, with models who are cornerstones, which still combines Cesc’s spirit for colossal works, such as the Mutua’s hospital complex at the center of Terrassa or the reorganization of la reconversion of old city centers in pedestrian areas, but also the architecture projects understood as if they were craftwork: signature houses for families who wanted them tailored to their tastes.


At our home, we have always turned the projects’ multidiscipline and versatility into an opportunity to learn. To cooperate with the best architects and engineers in order to achieve a sum of talent as a result.

Because every project is a challenge. Because every time we draw the master lines of a new house, we know we are building someone else’s dreams. We do not throw ourselves into the projects with the enthusiasm of those who love their job to make an impression, but to build illusions that get to us.

Every client is a world and every project is different. Our responsibility is making works reasonable, bringing solutions for energy efficiency, durability and decent aging of constructions, regulations and urban planning.

But we never forget our devotion. We share aesthetical criteria and the eagerness to dominate light with sculptors, photographers and artists. We make things to stay, to be beautiful, to last, to be functional and to respond to the concerns and requirement of the people or organizations which ask us for them.

We have chosen our trade to build. And we are passionate to draw landscapes and make city streets more beautiful.