The University Hospital Mútua de Terrassa is a large facility located at the historic center of the city, which has remodeled and enlarged its facilities by acquiring neighboring buildings, meddled in the very same urban scene made up of narrow streets and English-style houses, and also developments of high technical significance to respond to two continued issues: location near Vallparadís Park, which lays along Mitger torrent, and the narrowness of the surrounding streets.

Both by square footage and budget, this is one of the most complex Duran Arquitectes’ operations, projected in different stages. Throughout the last 20 years, we have been the reference structural technicians of Mútua de Terrassa group.  Since the restoration and enlargement with an annex volume of the main building façade, and the enlargement of all the floors, such as the restoration of the old hospital, where a new floor was built, a suspended bridge over the Sant Antoni street was built. Two underground floors were built as well. All the work required a demanding and accurate study of structure calculations, made in cooperation with Bis Arquitectes.

The acquisition of neighboring buildings, such as the old Guardiola unit, the houses at Castell street, or the Casa Barragan, allowed the placing of Mútua services such as Outpatient Care or the Vallparadís Community Health Center. One of the main engineering works has been the connection of the central body with these services by means of an underground tunnel with two levels of circulation which facilitates the internal passing of medical services under private houses.

The next big operation will be the New Outpatient Care facilities, located over the current Universitat-Vallparadís FGC railway station, which will mean an increase of surface of 14,000 m², and that will connect with a glass gallery below the Vallparadís bridge with the also new Emergency building, which will open in great suspended balcony over the park. The works started in 2015 and will end in 2017.